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Hi, I’m Heather Cameron, my dream was to one day start a retreat, and now with my partner and my children, my dream is a reality, and together we trust you will appreciate what we have to offer, in our beautiful paradise we call home.

I was born in Bourke and have lived in outback NSW all my life, I bought Lower Lila in 1993 (30 years ago), I love where we live and throughout the years, many people like yourselves have come to stay with us, they have loved the outback lifestyle so much and we have formed wonderful friendships world-wide, that often return to this place they call their second home. Lower Lila is 64,000 acres, 84 kilometres North west of Bourke, we graze Sheep, Cattle, Goats and have a carbon project to conserve some areas of native bush lands, for future generations to come.

There is an abundance of native wildlife, kangaroo’s, emus, many birds and water birds, lizards, snakes, echidnas and many more.

In the year 2013 was the worst drought this area had ever experienced, during this tough time, I was carting water, feeding starving animals and taking care of my two young children, I discovered my husband at that time was living a double life, so with a massive debt and a challenging separation, I almost lost the farm. I really couldn’t think of a better place to raise my children and this is the only home they know, so I fought hard and after 24 hearings over almost 4 years, I finally saved the farm.

During this extremely challenging time, I begun studying personal development, through this I have completely changed my life. I am now a Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching and studying to become a Master Practitioner of coaching. I specialize in personal development, and I’m passionate about helping others.

Now with the retreat, I believe we will be drought proofing for our future and others to enjoy.

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